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Dubyak Family Chiropractic, in Turlock, California, believes in community involvement and is the proud sponsor of the Pumpkin Pie and Apple Pie Baking Contests.

Pumpkin Pie Contest

The Pumpkin Pie baking contest takes place on the Monday of the week of Thanksgiving. First place winner receives $100 and second place receives $50.

All pies baked for the contest go to the United Samaritan Foundation. The good people there will serve them as dessert with their Thanksgiving turkey dinner.

Apple Pie Contest

We also sponsor the Apple Pie contest that takes place on the first day of the Stanislaus County Fair. First place receives $100 and second place receives $50. As with the pumpkin pies, the same happens with the apple pies. All are donated to the United Samaritan Foundation, where they will serve them as desert the next time they are serving food.

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